1092: Maximize Conversion by Making More Calls With Justin Robins

October 27, 2022

As the market shifts, it gets harder and harder to make sales. No one knows this better than today’s guest, Justin Robins. He survived the last shift and has since perfected a system for generating and converting real estate leads. He’s generated over 100,000 leads and converts at a rate of roughly 3.5 percent. On this Real Estate Rockstars, Justin shares why agents who pick up the phone and call prospects will win as the market gets more competitive. He also discusses his best-performing ads, his strategy for selling sellers on price reductions, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Justin Robins’ start in real estate [1:17]
  • Why you can’t run the same ad in different markets [2:37]
  • Alternatives to running a real estate team [4:13]
  • When and how Justin decided to change the types of ads he ran [5:24]
  • A way to reduce the follow-up needed for buyer leads [6:42]
  • Getting over the fear of picking up the phone and calling prospects [8:39]
  • A story that illustrates the importance of following up [9:58]
  • How to contact leads when you have a bad phone number [12:07]
  • Determining what type of shift you’re in [13:47]
  • Differences between local markets: Tennessee versus Utah [14:47]
  • The most important conversation to have with a seller [17:59]
  • A strategy for implementing price reductions [18:42]
  • A simple script for setting expectations regarding price reductions [21:20]
  • Messaging to match the market [22:46]
  • What Justin would change if he could start his real estate career over [26:03]
  • The value proposition you offer as a team lead [28:54]
  • A real estate mistake that Justin learned from [29:38]
  • The struggle to sit down and make follow-up calls [32:45]
  • An example of follow-up really paying off [35:07]
  • Why you have to pick that phone up and call potential clients [36:58]
  • The best real estate emails and texts Justin has ever sent [37:57]

Justin Robins

Justin Robins is the founder of Homerun Token, a real estate investment multi-chain token, that has launched an innovative way to invest into real estate investment token without any of its typical headaches associated with real estate. With only 2% of worldwide investors currently utilizing digital currencies as part of their investment portfolio, there is tremendous potential for additional market share. Homerun is bridging that gap through the industry first platform which enables easy access to participate in real estate investment profits with cryptocurrency.

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