Linzee Ciprani got her start in real estate like most do – working for someone else. Now, thanks to her strong entrepreneurial spirit, she runs two businesses in the real estate sphere: Round Table Real…

Are you spending too much of your hard earned commission dollars buying leads? If so or if you want to learn more about increasing your real estate profits, then drop what you are doing and listen to today’s podcast with Virginia Beach real estate agent Kevin Taylor. Pat and Kevin dive deep, along with some great role-playing, into how Kevin is crushing it and earning a ton of commission dollars – more importantly how he is keeping more commission dollars with 95% net profits by never paying for leads. Continue reading

Not being responsive in real estate translates to real estate agents losing a lot of money. CurbCall Co-Founder and CEO Stephanie Sullivan spoke in detail with Pat in this podcast about how agents, team leaders and brokers can utilize CurbCall Connect, the Uber of real estate, to revolutionize lead routing and response times to get more leads in their funnels. If you are a fan of disruptive technology – real estate technology that will help put more profits in your pocket, then don’t miss this podcast discussing CurbCall Connect, CurbCall Protect and the upcoming CurbCall Collect.

Stephanie Sullivan, a long-time serial entrepreneur in the mobile high tech and real estate space, acquired CurbCall from founder and CEO Seth Siegler. With Sullivan serving as CEO, the company is expanding product capabilities to be able to offer real estate brokerages and agents a real-time lead routing system that is significantly faster and less costly than the leading offerings.

Join us as Stephanie shares her mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by disrupting the lead communication space in Real Estate and bringing accountability to Agents. Continue reading