Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Leads, Listings, and Lifelong Clients

September 12, 2017

Are your real estate marketing ideas having less impact than expected? Not to worry, bestselling author and marketing expert Seth Price is here to help you understand what works and what doesn’t in the world of modern marketing.

During his recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, Seth shared today’s top 5 real estate marketing ideas. Read on and discover the marketing ideas used by the world’s most successful agents. For suggestions on implementing these ideas to boost your real estate business, listen to the complete podcast below.

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The Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Some marketing methods simply aren’t effective. If you don’t want to waste time and money experimenting with marketing campaigns that may not work, following proven marketing practices is the only way to go.

Here are 5 marketing ideas that have been proven to effectively build real estate agents’ brands and businesses:

  • Focus on the clients you have, not the leads you want.

Too many agents throw away potential commissions from past clients. Instead of making efforts to maintain contact with past clients, they spend most of their time chasing top-of-funnel leads. All agents know that past clients can be a great source of business, but most agents don’t give them the attention they deserve. Make sure that you’re one of the agents who does.

  • Showcase your expertise with a digital storefront.

A website can make a major impact on an agent’s real estate marketing success. Not just any website will do, however. The best real estate websites serve as digital storefronts, showcasing subject matter and expertise. When a potential client visits your real estate website, they should immediately recognize what it is that you offer.

  • Distinguish yourself from the countless other agents in your market.

These days, building a unique brand is one of the best ways to generate more real estate business. With so many agents out there offering essentially the same services, setting yourself apart will help capture potential clients’ attention. Consider building your brand around something that makes your services stand out.

  • Consistently utilize one or two brand-building activities.

Building a real estate brand requires consistency. Don’t try to take on five or six brand-building activities at once. Instead, build your brand consistently with one or two activities that you’re great at. If you create great real estate videos, for instance, make that your primary brand-building activity.

  • Create value with your content-marketing strategy.

Marketing with content like blogs and videos is a strategy that requires some significant effort. If you’re going to dedicate time to this marketing method, make sure it pays off. You can do this by providing value with each and every marketing material you offer. When creating content for local sellers, for instance, include information on listing prices in their area in order to capture and retain their attention.

For more real estate marketing ideas and information on today’s best business practices, listen to the complete podcast interview with Seth Price.

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