Top Real Estate Podcasts of November 2019

December 7, 2019

November’s top real estate podcasts cover tips and tricks that any broker or agent can use to improve their business. Discover ways to generate free real estate leads with positive reviews, how to bring down business expenses, strategies for getting thousands of video views, and more. After listening to the podcasts below, check out for our latest interviews.

849: The Power of Positive Reviews: Get Free Leads and Hundreds of Listings with Tony Baroni

The Tony Baroni Team has provided Floridians with 5-star real estate service for over a decade. As a result, they now have over 1,100 5-star reviews singing their praises across the web. Thanks to the team’s stellar online ratings, Tony and his agents constantly get calls from prospective clients and are setting next-day listing appointments with ease. On today’s podcast, Tony outlines how to get great reviews and leverage them for an endless supply of free, easy-to-convert leads. Don’t miss it!

856: Women in Real Estate: Kristin Cripps’ Tips for Brokers and Agents

Kristin Cripps is a busy broker in the bustling markets north of Toronto, but she still has time to invest, to teach, and to live life big! On today’s show, Pat and Kristin discuss how she manages to do so much with so little time, including how she runs several of her own short-term rentals. Kristin also shares how she keeps her brokerage’s expenses low, why she’s such a huge fan of Airbnb, and her thoughts on the common saying, “buyers are liars.” Listen and learn what you can do to run a more efficient, more profitable real estate business!

854: How to Protect Your Real Estate Assets with Attorney Scott Smith

These days, a single lawsuit can wipe out your entire net worth – if you don’t take the proper precautions. That’s why investors and the agents who work with them need to know how to protect real estate assets from litigation. On today’s podcast, asset protection attorney Scott Smith shares the strategies he employs to safeguard clients’ properties. Listen and learn the advantages and limitations of LLCs, the benefits of transferring property into a land trust, and more. You’ll also hear about the best starting strategy for asset protection and how it could potentially save you from financial ruin.

848: The Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate Follow-Up with Jeffrey Brogger

Are you sick of wasting time and energy on follow-up only to face rejection time and again? If so, don’t miss today’s podcast with Jeffrey Brogger, the founder of During the interview, Jeffrey shares the dos and don’ts of real estate follow-up and the best ways to start meaningful conversations with modern consumers. Plus, you’ll hear what Jeffrey did to turn a $3,600 ad spend into $43,000 worth of commissions, how to get 20,000+ video views for less than $100, and more.

851: Your VA Loan and How It Can Make You a Millionaire with Phil Capron

Do you know how valuable VA loan eligibility really is? On today’s podcast, Navy veteran and agent Phil Capron shares several strategies veterans can leverage to make millions in real estate. Phil also breaks down the benefits of VA loans, when NOT to get a VA loan, and the questions to ask when vetting agents and loan officers. For agents listening in, Phil offers great advice on working with current and former service members, including one of the best ways for buyer’s agents to bring value to veteran clients. Don’t miss it!

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