1247: From Homeless to Selling $6M per MONTH through Massive Marketing with Blake Clark

June 6, 2024

What does it take to go from homeless to selling $6M per month? In this episode, we explore the incredible transformation of Blake Clark, a real estate professional who rose from humble beginnings to owning a successful brokerage. Blake delves into the importance of marketing, brand building, and lead generation, highlighting the powerful role of social media. He shares valuable insights on building a thriving real estate business through consistent marketing efforts and innovative lead generation strategies. Emphasizing authenticity, consistency, and relationship-building, Blake’s journey underscores the power of mindset and determination. Don’t miss out on Blake’s expert tips and inspiring story. Subscribe and learn how you can achieve similar success!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • From Homeless to Real Estate Expert [00:00:00]
  • Wisdom from Grant Cardone [00:05:27]
  • Cracking the Sales Funnel Code [00:09:12]
  • Building Effective Marketing Systems [00:14:33]
  • CRM Tools for Leads [00:20:24]
  • Different Types of Marketing [00:25:21]
  • Why You Should Show Success [00:33:12]
  • Elevating Your Brand on Social Media [00:37:30]
  • Call to Action [00:40:57]
  • Connect with Blake Online [00:51:30]

Blake Clark

Blake is in the Top 1% of Real Estate Professionals in the state of Arizona, and leads one of the highest producing teams in the East Valley of the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Blake specializes in Residential sales at a high volume, as well as purchasing for sellers and Real Estate Hedge funds.

His Real Estate Brokerage, Limitless Real Estate, was founded on the vision to create a culture that fosters an elite and seamless experience for their clients and full time Real Estate Professionals.

Their goal is to change the real estate buying and selling experience through leveraging the most up to date and emerging technologies, processes, partnerships, and marketing strategies. They are a results driven organization that has earned the reputation of being among the best when it comes to their marketing and online presence.

They are the best in the industry because they focus on developing great people within their organization. They believe that great people deliver a cutting-edge service and experience. They have perfected and streamlined the Real Estate transaction process, and set the bar for what a true client experience should look like. Their ability to adapt and implement new innovative processes has allowed them to remain a market leader in the Real Estate industry.

Blake is a husband of 10 years, father to 3, investor, mentor, multiple business owner, dog dad, & Real Estate Agent. Extremely passionate of all his work and will always give you 110%. When Blake is not working, he’ll be on his boat with his family or riding around on his one wheel.

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