1246: Hiring a Transaction Coordinator: Interview Questions, Red Flags, and More with Shelby Johnson

June 3, 2024

What does it take to effectively manage real estate transactions in a new market? Real estate entrepreneur and investor Shelby Johnson shares her expertise on hiring a transaction coordinator to leverage and streamline your business operations. In this episode, Shelby highlights the benefits of delegating paperwork and detailed tasks to a skilled coordinator, allowing you to concentrate on business growth. She advises opting for a third-party professional rather than an inexperienced in-house hire due to their specialized expertise. Shelby delves into the costs involved, the hiring process, and the importance of fairly compensating coordinators for additional work. She also discusses using risk assessments to evaluate team members’ traits and emphasizes the importance of finding a compatible and proficient transaction coordinator. Listen now and learn how to enhance your real estate business with the right transaction coordinator!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The need for a transaction coordinator [00:00]
  • Why hire a transaction coordinator early [01:42]
  • Types and costs of transaction coordinators [03:35]
  • Finding a good transaction coordinator [05:52]
  • Interviewing potential transaction coordinators [07:53]
  • Managing Expectations [11:23]
  • Financial aspects of hiring a transaction coordinator [17:44]
  • Payment Situation if a Contract Falls Through [18:44]
  • Setting Up Templates and Making the TC’s Job Easier [20:26]
  • The DISC Assessment [21:25]
  • Transaction Coordinator Red Flags [23:16]

Shelby Johnson

Real Estate Investor & Broker

Founder of Five Pillars Nation, a crew of high-performing Investor-minded Agents (check us out at https://fivepillarsnation.com/)

Founder of Pints & Properties, a nationwide Real Estate Investors Meetup (www.pintsandproperties.com)

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