1248: 2.5x Your Closings with Leads you Already Have – Grant Wise

June 10, 2024

Ready to boost your real estate career and become a marketing powerhouse? Chief Marketing Officer for the first billion-dollar real estate team, Grant Wise, discusses the struggle of pursuing real estate as a means to an end and the importance of aligning one’s identity with the traits of a successful real estate agent. He tackles the entitlement mindset, sharing the importance of investing in your business and embracing the team concept to grow without financial risks. Grant reveals the power of video content in building parasocial relationships and its profound psychological impact on consumer behavior. Let’s learn the effective “retargeting” and “remarketing” strategies, refining personal routines for better discipline, and the value of attending industry conferences. Tune in to discover these game-changing strategies and more. Listen to this episode now!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Introduction about Re-marketing [00:00]
  • How to Become a Great Marketer [02:02]
  • The Relationship Between Psychology, Marketing, and Sales [05:34]
  • Grant’s Database Marketing Plan [06:25]
  • Step 1 [06:39]
  • Step 2 [07:11]
  • Step 3 [07:52]
  • Why Agents are Afraid of Investing in Advertising [10:40]
  • Are Short-Form Videos Dead? [24:41]
  • What is Retargeting & Remarketing? [26:00]
  • Will Morning Routines Really Help You and Your Business? [27:27]
  • The Grant Wise Show [34:22]
  • Connect with Grant Wise [35:29]

Grant Wise

Grant Wise is an entrepreneur born into poverty who spent most of his childhood dreaming of a better life for his family, even if that meant he would need to go build one himself.

As a Fractional Chief Growth Officer, Grant specializes in developing the top real estate team leaders in the world, equipping and empowering them to take their real estate business growth further than they thought possible.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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