1249: Close 40+/year in Your Farm through Open Houses with Joe Turco

June 13, 2024

Wondering how to turn open houses into a powerful marketing tool? In this episode, Joe Turco, an eXp Icon Agent and early member of eXp’s Luxury Division, shares invaluable guidance on starting and succeeding in farming and open houses as a real estate agent. He highlights the importance of selecting the right geographic area and identifies three crucial pillars: personal fit, farm feasibility, and understanding the competition. Joe explains how to target a price point that appeals to both first-time buyers and downsizers and stresses the power of hosting open houses on Wednesdays and Fridays. He offers tips on engaging potential clients, creating video content, and building community relationships. Joe also emphasizes the significance of time blocking, memorable visitor experiences, and leveraging QR codes and LinkedIn for maximum impact. Tune in to this episode and learn all about this!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How To Farm Your Preferred Neighborhood [00:00]
  • Identify The Feasibility [06:25]
  • What’s a Good Turnover Rate? [11:31]
  • Marketing Strategies for Open House [24:14]
  • Where Most Agents Mess Up [30:34]
  • How Does the Backend and CRM Set Up Look Like? [35:01]
  • Beyond the Open House [38:40]
  • Let’s Connect with Joe [41:55]

Joe Turco

Joe Turco, an eXp Icon Agent and early member of eXp’s Luxury Division, is more than an agent—he’s a visionary coach fostering explosive growth in agent production. His approach extends beyond mere transactions; he’s crafting legacies and cultivating a culture of excellence. With roots in Boston and experience in the global corporate footwear industry, Joe’s strategies balance keen intelligence with instinct. His commitment to excellence is matched by his dedication to philanthropy, particularly with St. Jude’s, showcasing his belief in building communities alongside success.

Joe is set to inspire, leading with the principle that true value lies in creating impactful change. Joe Turco is recognized as an influential agent in Boston for the past decade. He is a founder of The Turco Group and serves as a key contributor to off market properties. His unique approach to client-centric real estate and authentic advertising sets a standard that provides clarity and comfort to his clients. This, coupled with his strong social media presence, enables him to stay connected with friends, clients, and colleagues effectively.

Joe and his team serve the Boston Metro and surrounding suburbs. He has agents in place on Cape Cod ( The Cape ) as well. Joe is also the Chairman for eXp’s Agent Advisory Counsel for the state of Massachusetts.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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