Best Real Estate Podcasts of August 2021

September 1, 2021

Last month’s best real estate podcasts include interviews with top agents, financial experts, and more. Toronto-based Realtor Laura Stewart made an impression on listeners with her explanation of the one thing all agents need to succeed. Negotiation expert Joel Nath outlined some simple tricks for ensuring everyone’s happy at the closing table. To catch all of these can’t-miss real estate podcasts, read on. For the latest episodes and additional content, visit

987: Finding Your ‘Why’ in Real Estate with Realtor Laura Stewart

Most people get into real estate in order to make lots of money; most of them fail. On today’s podcast with Toronto-based Realtor Laura Stewart, we discuss what new agents need to succeed: a powerful “why.” Tune in for tips on finding the motivation to make it big in this business. You’ll also get practical advice on mastering industry essentials, including follow-up and marketing.

986: How to Negotiate Win-Win Real Estate Deals with Joel Nath

In today’s competitive real estate markets, negotiation skills are absolutely essential. If your negotiation skills need work, you won’t want to miss this interview with 30 Under 30 honoree Joel Nath. Here, he shares several simple negotiation tactics that you can implement immediately. Plus, we discuss common mistakes agents make when writing offers, how to handle problems uncovered during inspection, and more. Tune in and discover what you can start doing right now to better serve your real estate clients.

RERR Classics: Build Your Money Muscles with Joan Sotkin

Plenty of real estate agents make good money but never seem to get ahead. On today’s podcast, author Joan Sotkin joins Pat to discuss why so many Realtors are so bad with their finances. Joan also shares several habits, techniques, and tips for improving one’s financial fitness. Listen and learn how to build your money muscles so that you’re the strong, disciplined leader your real estate business needs to succeed.

RERR Classics: Winning Clients and Closing Deals in Big City Boston with Eric Rollo

In big cities like Boston, real estate agents face fierce competition. Boston-based Realtor Eric Rollo joins us today to share strategies for winning clients and closing deals in any heated market. Discover how to secure off-market properties for buyers, ways to win in a bidding war, and more on this classic Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Plus, you’ll get timeless social media tips and an overview of the Boston real estate scene.

RERR Classics: The Two-Day Workweek with Realtor Clayton Gits

Clayton Gits was running himself ragged working with real estate clients seven days per week. Tired of the grind, he cut his work schedule down to just two days per week. Believe it or not, production and profitability at Mission Realty has never been higher. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban, Clayton shares why it’s better to be working on the business than it is to be working in the business. Plus, Clayton discusses one of his favorite tools for lead generation, the power of personal development, and more.

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