Best Real Estate Podcasts of September 2021

October 1, 2021

What’s holding real estate agents back? Why do so many new agents struggle with sales? Last month, Real Estate Rockstars’ most popular guests answered questions like these to help our audience succeed. Listen to September’s best real estate podcasts below and learn what you can do to better your business in the final stretch of 2021.

993: Why One-Dimensional Agents Will NEVER Get Ahead – Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst

Traditional Realtors help clients get ahead but get left behind in the process. In this controversial interview with Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst of Impact Real Estate, we discuss why the old-school approach to sales is the wrong way to succeed in 2021 and beyond. Hear how to stop leaving money on the table with Matt’s unconventional—but highly profitable—take on the listing appointment. Plus, if you pay close attention, you’ll find out exactly how much host Aaron Amuchastegui pays to have his couch cleaned.

992: Unconventional Sales Strategies: How Don Wenner Made $250K His 1st Year in Real Estate

Don Wenner’s unconventional sales strategies helped him earn over $250K in commissions his very first year in real estate. On today’s podcast, we discuss what Don did to sell and scale at an elite level. We also discuss Don’s book, Building an Elite Organization, and some of the tips he has for career-minded agents who are ready to start building a strong real estate team. Tune in and hear how Don went from agent, to investor, to president of a high-growth, high-profit business.

989: New Agent? Here’s What You Need to Know – Elisha Lopez

Elisha Lopez started her real estate career as a buyer’s agent during the housing crash of 2008. Times were tough in the industry, but she managed to succeed and scale like a true real estate rockstar. Now, she’s helping other agents hit their stride as the owner of Ocala Realty World in Florida. On today’s podcast, Elisha offers the same advice to listeners as she does her agents. Discover what you need to know in order to win clients as a new agent in today’s competitive markets.

991: Stay Top of Mind and at the Top of Your Market: Erica Wolfe

Known in Jupiter, Florida as “The Wolfe of Real Estate,” Erica Wolfe knows a thing or two about staying in the spotlight. On today’s podcast, Erica outlines the strategies she uses to stay top of mind and at the top of her highly competitive market. Listen in and learn where to find new contacts, how to turn them into clients, and what it takes to scale with a team. Plus, Erica shares several other can’t-miss tips, including a simple trick for winning business with mailers in 2021.

990: How Investor-Turned-Agent Sean McDonnell Closed 24 Deals His First Year in Real Estate

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for some time, you know it’s not uncommon for a new real estate agent to go six months without closing a single deal. That’s what makes Sean McDonnell’s story so inspiring. In just one year, he closed 24 deals by niching down with what he knows best: real estate investing. On today’s podcast, Sean shares tips that other new agents can apply to turn their unique experience into a skillset that separates them from the competition. Listen in and learn how to excel in this industry just by being you.

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