Best Real Estate Podcasts of July 2021

August 1, 2021

Listen to July’s best real estate podcasts and discover how to close deals like today’s top agents. Guests share their social media secrets, offer advice to new real estate agents, and outline some of their favorite scripts. For the latest episodes and additional content, visit To get immediate access to real estate books, scripts, and other downloadable items, Open the Agent Success Toolbox.

979: How to Convert Prospects Before the First Conversation with Krista Mashore

Krista Mashore has been a Rockstar Realtor from the start. Her first year in real estate, she sold 69 homes by herself. And now, with 20 years of experience under her belt, Krista’s gotten so good at marketing that she’s able to convert prospects before their first conversation. Buyers and sellers constantly call in eager to hire her, and she joins us today to explain why. Listen and learn why agents must put marketing first in order to become top producers. You’ll also discover several unique marketing strategies that will set you apart from the competition.

983: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing – Real Estate Agent Julee Patterson

Social media marketing can be a great way to generate real estate leads, but it must be done right. On today’s podcast, agent Julee Patterson joins us to share her most successful social media strategies. Tune in and discover what all agents should (and shouldn’t) do on social media in order to generate new buyer and seller leads. Plus, you’ll get tips on nurturing these leads for maximal conversion with minimal effort, advice on video marketing, and more.

981: Become a Billion-Dollar Agent Before Age 30 – Jonathan Spears

29-year-old agent Jonathan Spears sold over one-billion dollars’ worth of property and is leading one of Florida’s top real estate teams. On today’s podcast, we ask Jonathan to discuss the steps he took to become so successful at such a young age. Tune in and hear how to supercharge your first year in the industry. You’ll also hear how to hone the right mindset for continued success and why top-tier customer service is the key to building a thriving real estate business. Plus, Jonathan outlines the biggest pitfalls to avoid as a new agent. Don’t miss it!

980: How to Find Fast Success in Real Estate – Realtor Stephanie Heiser

Stephanie Heiser hasn’t been in real estate long, but she’s already hit some very impressive milestones. Her first year as a licensed Realtor, she sold 54 homes. And just one year later, she started her own real estate team, one that’s already taken off in the competitive markets of Central California. On today’s podcast, Stephanie shares how she found such fast success in real estate. Plus, she gives tips to new agents and offers encouragement to anyone who’s considering a career in real estate. Don’t miss it!

984: From $1.7 Million in Annual Sales to $100 Million+ with Luke Newcomer

Luke Newcomer sold $1.7 million his first year in real estate—impressive for a new agent. What’s more impressive, however, is that he’s now on track to hit over $100 million in annual sales just five years later. On today’s podcast, Luke shares the systems that allowed him to scale his sales year after year. Plus, he talks about the benefits of joining a real estate team, outlines questions every new agent should ask their brokerage, and covers the commitment it takes to convert leads at a high level.

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