Best Real Estate Podcasts of December 2021

January 1, 2022

Ever wondered what it’s like to close cash buyers in one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets? Curious about selling second homes in a sleepy ski town? December’s top real estate podcasts feature some very unique agents who have found some serious success in a specific niche.

1010: Closing Cash Buyers in Dubai’s Luxury Real Estate Market – Mark Castley

Every day is closing day when it comes to luxury real estate in Dubai. No one knows this better than’s Mark Castley. On today’s podcast, Mark shares his strategies for closing cash buyers in one of the world’s most unique (and expensive) real estate markets. Mark also covers why now is the time to load up on leads, what it takes to succeed in any market, and how to start a team the right way. Don’t miss this interview!

1006: 31 Deals in His First 13 Months! Jacob Valdellon’s Advice for New Agents

Plenty of real estate agents struggle to find clients their first year in the business. Still, there are some agents who manage to put up big numbers right from the start. Jacob Valdellon is one of them. In his first 13 months, Jacob closed 31 deals. On today’s podcast, Jacob shares exactly how he did it. Listen and learn how to capture and convert leads via social media, what script to use when seeking referrals, and where to find motivation when times are tough.

1007: Earn Six Figures Your First Year in Real Estate – Courtney Atkinson

Running a real estate business isn’t as hard as many new agents seem to think. If you have a proven process in place, simply sticking with it is often all it takes to succeed. On today’s podcast, real estate veteran Courtney Atkinson shares the scripts and systems he followed to build a six-figure business in no time. Plus, he describes his team’s onboarding process for new agents, the best source for inexpensive leads, and the three things you need to win big in real estate.

1008: Stop Working Weekends Without Sacrificing Volume – Trish Williams

Are you worried that taking time off will cost you clients? Hear how to stop working weekends without sacrificing sales on today’s podcast with Trish Williams. The efficiency-boosting strategies shared in this interview will help you scale your business without increasing your workload. Trish also talks about her unique spin on standard seller follow-up, the power of a robust contact database, and more.

1009: Selling Second Homes in Ski Country with Megan Luther

Buying or selling a second home in ski country can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Megan Luther of The Simple Life Colorado aims to make these transactions as easy as possible for her clients. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Megan shares what it’s like working with clients remotely, how she gets business from buyers and sellers who live several states away, and why customer service is essential in the second-home niche. Megan also offers some sage advice on joining—or starting—a team.

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