Best Real Estate Podcasts of November 2021

December 1, 2021

Catch a variety of Real Estate Rockstars (including the original Real Estate Rockstar, Pat Hiban) in this post featuring November’s most popular podcasts. In addition to advice on breaking into a profitable niche, guests shared tips on bringing in leads, investing in real estate, and more. Guests also provided some high-value real estate downloads, including a full course on video marketing. You can access all of these downloads for free by signing up for the Agent Success Toolbox.

1000: Celebrating 1,000 Episodes with the Original Real Estate Rockstar, Pat Hiban

We just hit a HUGE milestone: 1,000 episodes! To celebrate, we brought back the show’s founder, Pat Hiban, for a special interview. Tune in and catch up with the original Real Estate Rockstar! Pat shares what he’s been up to and what he thinks about today’s insanely competitive markets. Plus, we revisit our previous discussion on coronavirus’ impact on real estate, talk about Zillow’s iBuyer program shutting down, and more.

1003: How to Generate FREE Real Estate Leads on YouTube – Cody Steck

Are you sick of spending thousands of dollars on low-quality leads? Instead of chasing down prospects, wouldn’t you rather help clients who are already eager to work with you? On today’s podcast, Realtor Cody Steck talks about how he created a free funnel for high-quality leads on YouTube. Listen and learn how to build a channel that brings in serious buyers year round. In addition to video topics, Cody shares several tips so that you can create quality content from day one! After the interview, be sure to get Cody’s complete YouTube course for real estate agents from the Agent Success Toolbox.

1004: Selling Luxury Real Estate to the Ultra Rich with Stan Ponte

Stan Ponte started his real estate career as a leasing agent but was never one to shy away from new opportunities. When the opportunity to sell luxury real estate presented itself, he jumped on it. Now, 22 years later, Stan is one of New York City’s most successful luxury specialists, consistently ranking among Manhattan’s top agents by sales volume. He even has an active $79,000,000 five-story penthouse listing! On today’s podcast, Stan shares how he made a name for himself in luxury real estate and what it takes for a new agent to break into the luxury market. Don’t miss it!

999: Changing Careers for the Freedom of Real Estate – Sara and Matt Denig

Thinking about quitting your current job for a new career in real estate? Sara Denig did just that, and she didn’t leave just any job behind; she was a nurse practitioner! On today’s show, Sara and her husband, Matt Denig, join us to discuss the challenges, and benefits, that come with making a life-changing career move. Hear why the freedom of real estate was best for Sara and why it might be right for you. Plus, Matt pulls from his extensive experience as a loan officer to share some little-known tricks for getting clients the best possible terms on a mortgage.

1001: Getting out of the Military and into Real Estate – Shelby Osborne

Are you considering a career change? Today’s guest, Shelby Osborne, decided to get out of the military and into real estate. Since making the switch, Shelby’s found more freedom, made more money, and has had the chance to help other veterans achieve their homeownership goals. Listen and learn about getting started in real estate as an agent and as an investor. Catch Shelby’s can’t-miss tips on winning clients, closing real estate deals, and more.

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