Best Real Estate Podcasts of June 2021

July 1, 2021

Last month’s best real estate podcasts include interviews with  BiggerPockets’ David Greene, NerdWallet’s Holden Lewis, and the industry’s top coach, Tom Ferry. Listen in as these real estate giants weigh in on housing markets, sales strategies for Realtors, and more.

SOTM 77: 30-Year Mortgage Rates May Rise Next Week – NerdWallet’s Holden Lewis

NerdWallet’s Holden Lewis has reported on mortgages since 2001, and he called the last housing bubble years before it burst. Today, he joins us to share his real estate predictions for 2021. One of these predictions is that 30-year mortgage rates will rise, possibly as early as next week. Hear how high mortgage rates could climb by 2022 and what you need to be telling buyer clients right now. Plus, Holden shares why a housing crash is unlikely, when home builders could come back in a big way, and more.

SOTM 76: Millennial Homebuyers’ Biggest Regrets – BiggerPockets’ David Greene

A recent survey shows that 64 percent of millennials regret buying their current home. Why? On today’s podcast with BiggerPockets’ David Greene, we dig through millennial homebuyers’ biggest regrets. In addition to dissecting the real estate gripes of Generation Y, we discuss recent industry news, including the story of a company pushing for electronic real estate transactions and a report showing a steep decline in mortgage applications. Plus, David shares how to help clients buy real estate in the face of the fiercest competition we’ve ever seen.

976: Advice for New Real Estate Agents – 5 Rockstars Share Their Top Tips

With competition fiercer than ever, new agents need all the help they can get. On today’s podcast, we ask five real estate rockstars to share their top tips for brand-new agents. Tune in and find out what these successful Realtors wish they knew when they first started selling homes.

RERR Classics: Tom Ferry’s Six-Step System for Extraordinary Success in Real Estate

Tom Ferry isn’t just a best-selling author, he’s one of the top coaches in the entire real estate industry. On this classic Pat Hiban podcast, Tom provides listeners with six simple steps that, when followed, essentially ensure a Realtor’s success. Tune in and discover the system that’s taken countless agents from average to amazing – for FREE! Plus, you’ll hear how to avoid the biggest mistake in real estate, where to focus for business growth, and more. We hope you’re hungry for meat and potatoes; Tom serves them up in abundance here during one of Pat’s best interviews ever.

SOTM 79: Updates on Miami-Area Condo Collapse, Moratorium Extensions, and More

Updates continue to trickle in on the Miami-area condo collapse, but we’re still waiting for more answers. On today’s podcast, Aaron covers what we do know and what all agents should take away from this tragedy. He also shares his thoughts on yet another extension to the foreclosure moratorium and offers predictions regarding its inevitable end. Tune in for that plus coverage of other recent real estate news, including reports of iBuyers expanding to markets in the Northeast.

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