Best Real Estate Podcasts of October 2021

November 1, 2021

October’s top podcasts made one thing clear: There’s no on-size-fits-all approach to real estate. These interviewees each shared the unique strategies that helped them achieve rockstar-level success in sales. Could one be right for you and your business? Check out last month’s best real estate podcasts below and find out!

995: Systems for Scaling to 80+ Real Estate Deals per Year – Mark McGuire

New real estate agents often struggle to close deals, especially in highly competitive markets like these. That’s why, if you’re a new agent, the thought of scaling from one to 10 deals might seem like a pipe dream. But today’s guest, Mark McGuire, is here to share how it’s done. Mark’s business closes 80+ high-dollar deals per year thanks to systems for scaling that he personally implemented and perfected. Listen and learn where to find new clients, how to make new hires, and more. You’ll also discover why syndication is the most powerful way for a real estate professional to invest.

997: Why Introverts Make Great Real Estate Agents – Barry Karch

When most people picture a real estate agent, they think of someone salesy and outspoken: an extrovert. But today’s guest, Barry Karch, says that some of the best real estate salespeople are actually introverts. Tune in and discover how an introvert’s unique personality traits can be leveraged for superhuman success in sales. Plus, we discuss the El Paso real estate market, the reason why most people never remember their Realtor, and more.

SOTM 83: Will Technology Replace Real Estate Agents? – Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst

Are real estate agents really replaceable? Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst of Impact Real Estate don’t think so. On this State of the Market podcast, we discuss why AI can’t replicate what true real estate professionals do. Plus, we explore the housing market’s decline and how to deal with greedy sellers when the time comes to talk price reduction. Don’t miss it!

996: The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families with Mike McCarthy

The practices in Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning transformed the lives of readers for the better. And now, together with today’s guest, Mike McCarthy, Hal is helping parents pass these same powerful practices down to their children in The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families. On this podcast, we discuss how this book will fuel your entire family’s growth, but that’s not all. Mike is also Keller Williams’ Regional Operating Partner for the Greater Pennsylvania Region, and he has some incredibly wise words to share with real estate agents. Hear how to lead a more successful business and a more meaningful life on this Real Estate Rockstars.

GoBundance Special: Redneck Resilience with James Webb

Want to succeed in a competitive field like real estate? You can’t give in, and you can’t give up. You need resilience. In this GoBundance special, James Webb shares how a poor boy from Mississippi became a titan of business. Tune in and hear how James overcame some of life’s biggest challenges by never throwing in the towel. Apply these same lessons to your real estate business and see how powerful―and profound―something as simple as “redneck resilience” really is.

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