Maximize Your Personal Branding to Create more Real Estate Leads and Sales

October 16, 2016

Is your real estate branding and real estate marketing outdated? Do you maximize your personal branding to create more leads and sales? In this post, learn the 9 points to where a personal brand connects directly to help you make more money in real estate.

Today’s digital environment is always changing and evolving at lightening speed. If you aren’t keeping up with these changes in your personal branding and marketing, then you are losing a lot of commission dollars to your competition. In a recent podcast, real estate marketing and content expert Christopher Craft reveals what is no longer working anymore and, more importantly, what is working today to get you more commissions and leads.

He shared his 6 points to see success in today’s digitally-driven real estate market by creating a rockstar brand and online marketing machine for your real estate business!

We’ll take a quick glance at how your personal branding connects with buyers and sellers to create more real estate leads, sales and real estate listings.

Want to hear all 6 points in this podcast packed with valuable nuggets? Check it out right here.

9 Points to Where Personal Branding Connects Directly with Creating More Leads and Sales for Real Estate Agents

Why is branding so important you ask? What happens when real estate agents focus energy on creating and maximizing personal branding strategies? The following 9 points offer answers to those questions.

Your personal brand…

1 – Generates leads
2 – Humanizes your brand
3 – Helps you market with consistency
4 – Helps you jump-start word of mouth marketing
5 – Helps you be comfortable in your own
6 – Helps you develop a voice for your content
7 – Helps potential clients know what to expect from you
8 – Helps you determine the persona for your ideal customer
9 – Provides a real source to help you develop your Unique Value Proposition

Remember, buyers and sellers are choosing to do business with you – not the real estate brokerage where you hang your license. You must have a personal brand – one which connects with buyers and sellers, helps you stand out from the competition and foster a trusting relationship.

Want to hear the other 5 points in an effective personal branding and marketing stratety in today’s digital-driven market? Listen to Pat’s podcast interview with Chris Craft now.

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