Real Estate Social Media Tips to Help You Make More Commission Dollars

August 23, 2016

Looking for real estate social media tips to reach more buyers and sellers, convert more leads and sell more houses using popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other popular social channels? Use the following social media tips for real estate agents in the blog post below to improve your real estate social marketing strategy.

For even more social media strategies you can start using right away to make more commission dollars, make sure to listen to Pat Hiban’s interview with real estate agent Jason Cassidy. His expert advice will help you secure more listings, grow your list of buyer clients and get ahead of your competition in your local market.

Once you use these real estate social media tips to get more listing appointments, do you know how to win every listing? Start closing more listings today and making yourself the go-to listing agent in your local area.

Real Estate Social Media Tips for Twitter

Real estate agents often fall flat on Twitter because they make the mistake of just pushing out tweets like “check out my new listing/blog post.” This social marketing platform is not an instant result platform or a one-sided push marketing platform. Instead, it is a conversational platform.

In order for real estate agents to be effective on Twitter, they must join the conversation. And when you do join in, don’t make the mistake of being pushy with sales pitches. Instead, be helpful and offer value. Make sure to listen to the podcast to hear Jason’s Twitter real estate strategy which has helped him sell multiple houses while spending less that 10 minutes a day on Twitter.

Instagram Tips for Real Estate Agents

Instagram and real estate were made for each other and real estate agents should have content for days to put on Instagram. When posting on Instagram, always GeoTag your photos sharing the location of the house. Also, agents should use hashtags – not just hashtags related to real estate – but also location-based hashtags (city, neighborhood, etc.) along with your name and real estate company as hashtags.

Jason also shared an awesome Instagram tip for real estate agents who are looking to drive leads from Instagram photos to a real estate website where they can capture contact information. You don’t want to miss that social marketing tip he shared in his podcast interview!

Social Media Real Estate Tips for Facebook

Facebook is a valuable real estate social marketing platform to help you beef up your sphere of influence. It is also an awesome tool to capture leads – both for listings and for buyers – for a much lower cost than direct mail. Here’s an example of how to do it.

Start with a landing page (e.g., a home value landing page) and use Facebook ads to target and drive individuals to that page where they enter their contact information in order to receive a valuable offer (home value, market report download, etc.) from you. Here’s the key to this strategy.

You must have an effective CRM and follow-up system as many of these leads are not ready to buy or sell immediately. If you only reach back out once or twice, then you are wasting your time and money.

Snapchat Real Estate Social Media Tips

Snapchat is an awesome branding play for real estate agents. This photo-sharing social network is not a conversational platform like Twitter which makes it an easier tool for Realtors to make use of in their real estate marketing plan. Not sure if you should start looking at Snapchat for social media?

Think about this – Shapchat is rapidly-growing among the 25 to 35 millennial demographic. And if you’ve been paying attention lately, millennials are starting to become a very important demographic for real estate agents. In fact, the chief economist for Redfin told Forbes Magazine “Millennials will have a huge impact on the housing market for the next decade, just because of demographics alone.”

So, do yourself a favor and brush up on using Shapchat for real estate. In fact, if you listen to Jason’s social media crash course podcast interview with Pat, you will hear exactly how to use Snapchat to get yourself in front of thousands of potential clients for pennies on the dollar using an awesome location-targeting strategy.

What about real estate social media tips for LinkedIn, blogging, YouTube or live video streaming? Those topics, along with strategies for real estate agents to use these social marketing tools effectively, were also covered by Jason. His interview was so packed with actionable advice and strategies – he held nothing back – that we gave it the title “Make More Commission Dollars with Jason Cassity’s Social Marketing Crash Course!”

Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast now!

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