1192: Overcoming Buyer Objections in 2023 With Scott Smith

November 16, 2023

Closing buyer leads in 2023 is not easy. High home prices coupled with soaring interest rates has made buying property unappealing, if not impossible, for many Americans. Still, there are prospective buyers out there, and today’s guest, Scott Smith, is a certified pro at closing cold buyer leads. On this Real Estate Rockstars, Scott shares proven objection handlers, his best buyer scripts, and more. Shelby and Scott also discuss details on buying a real estate franchise, including what it costs and when it’s worth it.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Scott Smith’s real estate background [1:55]
  • What it’s like buying a real estate franchise [3:03]
  • Free training on rapport and relationships [6:37]
  • Being genuine, not salesy [8:33]
  • Being reliable and following up [10:51]
  • “The cost of waiting” script [12:29]
  • Why stories sell and where to get them [17:13]
  • Conversing instead of pitching or prodding [18:40]
  • How a client’s kids can help close the deal [21:06]
  • The most important thing to do in a conversation [24:25]
  • A positive definition of sales and scripts to establish trust [26:21]
  • Scott’s script for new buyer prospects [28:51]
  • Scott’s advice on real estate CRMs and taking notes [36:04]
  • A quick tip for getting information from out-of-state buyers [39:45]
  • How to get information on a prospect’s finances [43:34]
  • Where to end your call with a potential buyer client [47:34]
  • Scott Smith’s real estate goals for the future [49:11]
  • Where to find and follow Scott Smith [50:51]

Scott Smith

Scott P. Smith is a seasoned real estate professional and the founder of You 1st Realty and You 1st Realty Infinity. With a deep understanding of the Colorado real estate market, Scott has built a reputation for delivering personalized service and leveraging the latest real estate technology to ensure his clients get the most out of their buying, selling, or investing experiences. His passion for helping people navigate the property market is evident in his commitment to providing up-to-date market insights and trends through Coloradohomefinder.com, one of the most used real estate websites in Colorado.

Scott is a firm believer in the accessibility of real estate as a means to change lives and build generational wealth. He is dedicated to empowering others to tap into their full potential in real estate careers, emphasizing the importance of taking action over extensive education. Through his innovative ideas and unique business plan, Scott has positioned You 1st Infinity as a game-changer in the industry, offering a one-of-a-kind lead generation and a powerful suite of tools that keep agents seamlessly engaged with their clients.

In addition to his commitment to agent growth, Scott is a strong advocate for remote work and its impact on the real estate industry. He has moved all of You 1st Infinity’s training and company gatherings to a virtual setting, allowing agents to participate from anywhere in the world. Scott’s vision for You 1st Infinity extends beyond providing agents with the tools and training they need to succeed. He also offers an aggressive commission split and a unique Business Partnership Program, providing agents with additional revenue streams and the opportunity to continue earning even after retirement.

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