How are some real estate businesses able to achieve major growth year after year? That’s the theme of today’s interview with Martin Bouma, owner and team leader of The Bouma Group. For two years in a row, Martin’s business has grown by 25% or more. According to Martin, this growth is due largely to some minor tweaking with how he and his agents operate. Listen and learn what changes have had the greatest impact on Martin’s business in recent years on this Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Continue reading

Selling homes isn’t the only way to get rich as a real estate agent. In fact, according to today’s guest, Ricky Aranda, selling homes isn’t even the best way to build wealth in real estate. Thanks to horizontal income streams created via their unique team model and real estate investments, Ricky’s agents can build wealth without struggling to sell homes forever. If things work out as planned, Ricky and his agents will be able to retire from real estate with less than 10 years in the business. Hear how to utilize the same income streams and systems as Ricky on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars so you can start planning for a financially free future now! Continue reading

It’s always possible to make an amazing comeback in real estate. Erik Hatch, a broker with a net profit of nearly $1 million last year, is living proof of that. 4 years ago, Erik was fired from a brokerage. Shortly after, he was cheated out of roughly $150 thousand by the next brokerage that took him in. Last year, Erik’s company Hatch Realty closed 594 transactions for approximately $127 million in sales volume, and their numbers are looking even better this year. Tune in and hear how Erik managed to come back in a major way after some serious setbacks on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars! Continue reading

Convert 80% or more of your listing appointments; that’s what the agents working for AJ Hazzi, founder of Vantage West Realty, are expected to do. Believe it or not, AJ’s agents are able to meet these seemingly high standards thanks to their training, solid marketing, and the backing of a powerful guarantee. Learn more about how Vantage West Realty’s unrivaled guaranteed-buy program works, and hear how AJ led his team to 430 sales last year on today’s episode of Real Estate Rockstars. Also, be sure to pay close attention as AJ shares information on a mistake that could cost you your job and your license! Continue reading