In a seller’s market, it’s not easy to win homeowners over. According to today’s guest, Amanda Howard, providing incredible service is the only way for agents to thrive in a seller’s market. To ensure her team’s agents are able to do this, she’s implemented several systems to support them. Her mentorship program, for example, helps new agents get up to speed so they’re able to start selling homes faster. Hear about her other systems and strategies so you’re able to exceed sellers’ expectations for better business in any market! Continue reading

How are some real estate businesses able to achieve major growth year after year? That’s the theme of today’s interview with Martin Bouma, owner and team leader of The Bouma Group. For two years in a row, Martin’s business has grown by 25% or more. According to Martin, this growth is due largely to some minor tweaking with how he and his agents operate. Listen and learn what changes have had the greatest impact on Martin’s business in recent years on this Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Continue reading

With the right amount of motivation and accountability, there’s no limit to a real estate team’s success. That’s what Ariana Pareja believes, and you will too after hearing how much of an impact her management style had on the team she took over. In just one year, she increased the team’s revenue by 60% by keeping agents motivated and holding them accountable. On today’s episode, Ariana shares the practices she employed to keep everyone on track toward achieving their goals and explains exactly how she recruited the perfect agents for optimal growth. Then, she covers how she sold her highly successful team to Compass for massive profits. If you want to scale up your team’s profits at a rapid pace, pay close attention to what this Real Estate Rockstar has to say! Continue reading