Hear how you can make more money with rental real estate investing by taking advantage of today’s latest mobile apps, software and technology solutions. Linda Liberatore is disrupting the traditional property management model with her business. In her podcast interview with Pat, Linda shares a wealth of information regarding today’s technology which is helping landlords – whether they use a property management company or fly solo – make more profit. Pat also points out how some of this technology can also help real estate agents be more efficient and make more commission dollars. If you love using technology to improve your business and grow your bottom line, then don’t miss this podcast!

Linda is the owner and founder of Secure Pay One, a unique virtual property management assistant that helps real estate investors manage their properties across the US. Her portfolio includes SF, MF, commercial and mixed use. With her additional background as a Certified Trainer and Project Manager, Linda has performed a number of Property Management Training sessions and over 1,000 workshops. She recently released a new book, Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals: Begin Each Morning Focused on Your Real Estate Investment and Management Goals. Linda is currently working on her 2nd book while active in over 8 REIA’s both local and national memberships.

Join us as Linda shares her mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by helping real estate agents and investors expand their real estate portfolio. Continue reading

Listing-focused Kelli Higgins shares with you how she did 26 deals in her first 8 months as a full-time agent in a brand new location where she knew no one. New real estate agents and veterans alike can up their game – and profits – by putting Kelli’s strategies in action in their own business. Believe me, you do not want to miss this podcast!

With nearly a decade of marketing experience, real estate was a natural fit for Kelli. She prides herself on her personal service and attention to her clients’ every detail, and her network has lead her to a large base of referral and repeating clients throughout Kansas and the Northeast Kansas region. On top of Kelli’s real estate experience, she also has a heavy background in inbound marketing, winning the 2011 Emerging Business of the Year award from the State of Kansas.  Owning her own marketing and photography company taught not only strategies of target marketing but also how to efficiently run a business. Kelli’s passion for marketing lead her to a Executive Marketing position with the State of Kansas where she was able to direct marketing campaigns nationally before jumping into real estate full time.

Join us as Kelli shares her mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by becoming an expert in real estate! Continue reading

Facebook for real estate doesn’t have to be complicated, time-intensive and even worse – ineffective. Learn how you can keep front of mind with your sphere of influence and keep people reaching out to you…