If you haven’t started investing in real estate yet, what are you waiting for? 27-year-old Sterling White put together his first investment deal at age 19, and he’s syndicated four major multifamily deals since then….

Homeownership is falling fast, but that doesn’t mean that your real estate profits have to. Today’s guest, Vinney Chopra, believes that the decline in homeownership is creating opportunities for real estate agents, not taking them…

As a single mom at age 16, Edna had the cards stacked against her. However, she didn’t let that stop her from becoming a successful financial advisor before moving into the world of real estate. Now, with a real estate portfolio of 437 doors valued at over $47 million, it’s safe to say she’s become a highly successful real estate investor as well. Today, Edna joins us on Real Estate Rockstars to share how she went from investing in a two-bedroom condo to buying multiple apartment buildings with successful syndication deals. If you want to become a big-time real estate investor, don’t miss this episode with Edna Keep! Continue reading

Start closing multimillion-dollar deals by taking on clients in commercial real estate. Despite what you may have heard, selling commercial real estate isn’t much different from selling houses as a residential real estate agent. Today’s guest, Charlie Butler, transitioned from residential to commercial real estate, and he’s here to tell our audience how he did it. Charlie also offers advice on getting multifamily residential listings and attempts to dispel the myth that keeps agents out of commercial real estate. Learn what it takes to make it as a commercial real estate agent on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars! Continue reading