Social media marketing can be a great way to generate real estate leads, but it must be done right. On today’s podcast, agent Julee Patterson joins us to share her most successful social media strategies….

Want to build a better real estate brand and generate more business organically? Find out how on today’s podcast with The Real Estate Marketing Dude, Mike Cuevas! Mike’s an industry veteran who transitioned away from sales to help agents build brands that are both authentic and effective. Instead of pushing tired marketing tactics, Mike encourages agents to be themselves; it works! Listen in and get his tips on video ads, email campaigns, and more. Continue reading

You probably hate making cold calls almost as much as the average person hates receiving them. Like most agents, however, you’re probably not sure how else to generate your own leads consistently. Rockstar real estate agent and author of Kill Cold Calls, Steve Jolly, has found a better way. Using a host of digital marketing techniques, including email marketing and the promotion of lead-capture pages, Steve creates and converts his own leads as a solo agent. On today’s show, he shares the tools he uses, how he uses them, and the incentives he offers to those willing to complete his lead-capture forms. Listen and learn how to build your real estate business without making cold calls or buying leads on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars! Continue reading